November 29, 2017

The 25 years anniversary Trade mission and Congress “Connecting sustainable businesses from the Kingdom of the Netherlands”


The 25 years anniversary Trade mission and Congress “Connecting sustainable businesses from the Kingdom of the Netherlands, (the Dutch ) Caribbean, Latin/South America ( Suriname)on 29 and 30 november 2017, Hotel Des Indes, The Hague, Netherlands
Peter Oerlemans, managing director of InterExpo, deliberately organizes this 25 years anniversary trade mission and congress, matchmaking in The Hague, Netherlands

It is the trade mission’s goal to improve business relations between parties from the Netherlands, (Dutch) Caribbean and Latin/South America ( Suriname). A perfect example would be a company from the Netherlands that considers becoming active on (Dutch) Caribbean, Latin/South America.

Important parts of the congress are two debates: an entrepreneurial/ financial ( trust)debate and medical debate.The entrepreneurial debate addresses the do’s and dont’s of doing business in different cultures. Why is the personal more important in the (Dutch) Caribbean , Latin/South America and is it not sufficient to solely rely on correspondence by e-mail?

InterExpo organizes matchmaking sessions parallel to the congress. Parties are matched with each other and can set steps and thereby make contacts more concrete. There will be plenty of opportunity for an informal chat during the network drinks.

Please contact InterExpo for more information
+ 5999 – 6961455/1510

Start: November 29, 2017
End: November 30, 2017
Venue: Hotel Des Indes
The Hague, Netherlands

May 30, 2018

26th Trade mission and Congress, Doing sustainable business between Suriname and the Kingdom of the Netherlands, the Caribbean & Latin America

23rd trade mission
Connecting sustainable businesses from the Kingdom of the Netherlands and the Caribbean region

InterExpo Caribbean organizes the 23rd trade mission on the Caribbean island of Sint Maarten. The trade mission includes a congress with more than 20 speakers and a matchmaking initiative. The mission’s goal is to connect the business community from the Netherlands and the Caribbean part of the Kingdom to the Caribbean region. What are the opportunities that exist for entrepreneurs on the islands of Jamaica, Barbados and Trinidad? And what role can Sint Maarten play as a hub to the region?

Start: May 30, 2018
End: May 31, 2018
Venue: Royal Torarica Hotel
Paramaribo, Suriname